Level Design


Player Zoo Design

In this game, players have the ability to grow larger and smaller. This feature can be utilized to collect light orbs scattered around the map. The purpose of designing this "player zoo" is to showcase all the mechanics and the overall feel of the game, while also providing a blueprint for team members on how the final puzzle design will commence. The zoo comprises six types of rooms in total. Each room contains passages or platforms leading to other rooms, ensuring a fluid playtest experience. Each room embodies functionalities that players might need to use in the actual game. There are design elements within each room hinting at the use of the corresponding mechanics, such as pipes that require players to shrink in order to enter, or obstacles that need players to grow in order to move them, and so forth.

Puzzle Room Design

故事/World Setting

The sun has been monopolized by a group of people.

it divides the entire world into two distinct regions (& human races). One group, deprived of sunlight and suffering from malnutrition, has experienced stunted growth and a decrease in body size. Another group that received excessive and abundant sunlight have gradually transformed into giants.

The protagonist might lead a underground organization that responsible for stealing sunlight from the giants to rescue the smaller-sized individuals. Through genetic modifications, she has gained the ability to disguise herself as any race(changing sizes) to infiltrate different regions.

Final Level Design Draft (Brainstorming)

The purpose of designing this level is to motivate players to explore various areas through the game's worldview and actively use the size-changing mechanic to solve puzzles within the city. My current thoughts are divided between an outdoor open-world level and an indoor linear level design. Each would lead to distinct player experiences, and I will discuss specifics with my team members.

An open-world level would be more suitable for exploring the game's worldview, while a linear progression would be better for quickly establishing a player's motivation, offering a more intense and engaging gameplay experience.

Scrapped Idea (A train station at the intersection of two races)