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This will be a first-thrid person unique interactive emotional experience.

Players will play as a young person who is dreaming in their bed. In the dream, they play as an astronaut who has lost their memory and forgot how to go back home. With the help of their traveling companion -- the mysterious voice coming from a hand-held radio, players will venture into different scenes from their memories to find the reason for traveling to the universe and the way to return home.

Game Mechanic/游戏机制

In the game, players can transform the text and sounds played by the radio into corresponding objects within the game world. With this special ability, they will solve puzzles in four different scenes to recover their memory and recall the way to back home.

As the levels progress, the radio's channels will gradually unlock.

The radio will have a total of four channels, each playing different sounds and text. As the levels progress, the content in each channel will also change.

Players can switch channels to find the appropriate sound and text to complete puzzles in the level.

In addition to making corresponding items appear, players can also make them disappear.

Game Levels & Gamepaly Progress/流程介绍

The game consists of a total of five levels, including a tutorial level, and the puzzle difficulty will gradually increase.

The five levels will take place in different scenes. 

Excluding the tutorial scene, the other four scenes each represent a specific memory of the protagonist. 

Players will need to help the protagonist piece together the complete story based on the clues provided in each level.

For example, in the third level, it will explain why the protagonist embarks on a space journey. The level's setting will be a classroom, and players will need to reconstruct the scene based on a childhood essay written by the protagonist, piecing together all the clues about space travel. 

Story Overview/故事梗概

The game centers around a key question: "What does it mean to grow up?" Players will follow cues from the radio to visit what the main character has experienced. They will travel through various scenes to explore the story and its associated emotions. Ultimately, players will witness the main character accepting what grow up brings to him/her, and return to the reality(home).

Full Story Overview  Link: 

Narrative Design for one of the levels: 

Level & Puzzle Design(Currently Working on)/谜题设计(开发中)

Level 2

In this level, player will go through main character's elementary school experience.

In this scene, players who receive failing grades on a heartfelt essay are accused by their teacher of disrespect and nonsensical writing. A young and disheartened player decides to write a story that they enjoy and that would also earn the teacher's approval: a sci-fi tale about a little bird traveling to space. The player will help younger self to write this story. 

This tale will be materialized into symbolic scenes and the radio will read the original essay to player that will be trapped in those scenes. What player needs to do is recreate scenes from the story to help younger self complete it. After finish the puzzle, player and the little bird will return together to their desks. The little bird will start flying and the player will need to chase it until falling off the rooftop.


In the puzzle of this level, players will be fixed in an isometric perspective (similar to Hades), and they will solve all puzzles by controlling the bird.

What player can do in this level:  move around, interact with other objects, using radio.

Player’s goal: Player will become a bird in this level, they have to recreate the scene based on what radio read, and find the way back to the classroom.

Puzzle (Interlude 1)

In this part, player will receive a hint about how to go back to the home. The goal for them is to find the Earth(blue planet) between those planets.

Puzzle 2

In this part, the radio will tell player what his/her young self want to see: the original playground they used to enjoy. With the help from radio, player can bring the playground back, let the buildings and corspes-used to be the replacement of playground disappear. This is a step that help player to go back home.

Mechanic Demonstration/机制展示

First Person Perspective Demonstration

When player interact (press E) with certain table, it will brings player to the puzzle.

In first person perspective, player can press F to use the radio when they are exploring the environment. (mainly for other levels)

Third Person Perspective Demonstration

When player close to the table, press E will enter into the puzzle (isometrical perspective)

When they solve the puzzle, the environment will automatically change. (will add transition animation)



The opening of the level

In order to better align with the game's aesthetic, I replaced the low-poly blocks with cutting paper that matches the story. This level primarily aims to showcase the kind of feeling this game will evoke in players.